FASD Ontario Network of Expertise (FASD ONE) is a group that works together to address issues related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in the province. Membership includes experts and specialists in research, health promotion, diagnosis, justice services, community and policy development, and service delivery as well as family members who have intimate knowledge of the practical needs of individuals with this disability. Group members have been working together for a number of years but have formalized the collaborative approach in 2005.

FASD ONE is an unincorporated collaboration of diverse provincial and local stakeholder groups working to promote, plan, facilitate, and support the coordination, enhancement, and expansion of services and initiatives to better serve children, youth, parents, pregnant women, and families affected by FASD in communities across Ontario.

FASD ONE is comprised of a Leads’ Committee and five working groups: Diagnosis & Disability, Intervention & Support, Justice, Prevention, and Urban Aboriginal. Each focus on priority areas to strengthen individual, agency, community, provincial and national effectiveness related to FASD. They explore gaps and challenges related to this complex disability to advance knowledge and system’s support for individuals with FASD and to identify and promote prevention. As priorities and emerging issues are identified, and as expertise and opportunities develop, the number of initiatives, membership and working groups may grow. The Leads Committee coordinates the activities working groups to ensure that overall objectives are met as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Public Health Agency of Canada has been a committed supporter in the development of FASD ONE, recognizing not only the expertise at the grassroots level in Ontario but also the need for multi-sector collaboration in advancing the critical factors related to women’s alcohol use in pregnancy and in addressing the needs of individuals with the disability.

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