Diagnostic Clinics

Durham Region

Two models for assessment and diagnosis of FASD are available in Durham Region for children under the age of 18. Both incorporate the University of Washington training and comply with the National FASD Diagnostic Guidelines (March 2005).

Grandview Children's Centre
600 Townline Road South
Oshawa, ON L1H 7K6.
Phone: 905-728-1673
Toll free: 1-800-304-6180
Fax: 905-728-2961
Contact: Kris Novak

Grandview Children's Centre for preschool children <5years of age:
Grandview offers programs and services to children and young adults with physical and communication disabilities who live in the Durham Region. A family-centered approach emphasizes collaboration with parents, community agencies, educators and physicians. Medical specialists offer consultation, assessment and diagnosis services – including FASD, and advocate for the provision of medical services as needed. A medical referral is required; please indicate that the referral is an FASD query.

Resources for Exceptional Children and Youth - Durham Region
865 Westney Road South,
Ajax, ON L1S 3M4
Tel: (905)-427-8862 ext. 401
Fax: (905) 427-3107
Contact: Sue Baszczynski

Children who are school-aged (5+years of age) living in Durham Region are assessed through a Virtual Diagnostic Team led by a developmental paediatrician in private practice. Referrals are streamed through a local agency, Resources for Exceptional Children and Youth, that is responsible for coordination of the file information and linking parents/caregivers with the appropriate clinical discipline to advance the diagnostic process (some clinical fees may apply). A medical referral is required.


Hotel Dieu Hospital Child Development Centre
166 Brock Street, Kingston, ON, K7L 5G2
Tel: (613) 544-3400 / Fax: (613) 545-3557

This clinic provides diagnosis and management services for children 0 –4 years of age, and pediatric consultation/diagnosis for school aged children and youth 5 -18, or 21 if still in school.

The diagnosis is provided by a developmental pediatrician, with some access to genetics for consultation to confirm diagnosis in certain cases. For the preschooler population, other services (OT, PT, SW, Psych and SLP) are provided as needed. Serving Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Leeds and Grenville and south Lanark counties

London Region

FASD London Region Assessment Clinic
Contact:  Angela Geddes – Assessment Coordinator
519-679-7250 ext. 155

We offer FASD Diagnostic Services for children up to 18 years of age living in the London Region. Our team consists of Developmental Pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and a Clinic Coordinator. All of the clinicians have significant expertise in the area of FASD, and have been trained through the University of Washington – The 4-Digit Diagnostic Code and our practices comply with the Canadian FASD Diagnostic Guidelines (March 2005).  We provide full assessments, recommendations, and assistance with referral to appropriate community programs.

Referrals are accepted through our partner agencies which include:  The Centre for Children and Families in the Justice System, Child Parent Resource Institute (CPRI), London District Catholic School Board, St. Leonard’s Community Services, Thames Valley Children’s Centre, Vanier Children’s Services,  Children’s Aid Society London Middlesex, Craigwood Youth Services, Middlesex-London health Unit, Southwestern Ontario Aboriginal Health Access Centre, Thames Valley District School Board, Merrymount Children’s Centre, Western Area Youth Services.

Peel Region

Peel FASD Clinical Service
Child Development Resource Connection Peel
(905) 507-9360 ext. 326, Fax: 905-890-8325
Contact:  Claudia Escobar, Information, Resource & Referral Specialist (CIRS)
Website: http://www.cdrcp.com

The Peel Region FASD Clinical Service is a virtual team with a developmental pediatrician, a pediatrician, a psychologist, a psychometrist, an occupational therapist, two speech and language pathologists, three social workers and a coordinator who provide assessments at their respective agencies. At the end of the assessment process, members of the clinical team come together to meet with the family and discuss the diagnosis. An integrated report is written and mailed to the family and a social worker follows up to discuss the report and recommendations.

In order to be eligible for assessment, children must be between the ages of birth and six years of age, live in Peel Region and have confirmed prenatal alcohol exposure and developmental concerns. Referrals are open and can be made from any source.


Health Sciences North
41 Ramsey Lake Road, Sudbury, ON, P3E 5J1
Contact: Chantal Gaudreau – FASD Program Coordinator
Tel: (705) 523-7100 ext 1526
Email: cgaudreau@hsnsudbury.ca / Website: www.hsnsudbury.ca

This is a one year pilot project in collaboration with the Northeastern Education Aboriginal partnership servicing children and youth (<18 yrs) of Northeastern Ontario. 
Referrals can be made from all sources such as; caregivers, social service organizations, health care practitioners, self referrals. Referral criteria includes:  Positive Neurobehavioural Screening Tool (> 6 years) Confirmation of maternal alcohol exposure.

The diagnostic team includes: FASD Program Coordinator, Pediatrician, Nurse Practitioner, Psychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologists (as needed basis)


Anishnawbe Health Toronto
225 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, M5A 1S4
Tel: (416) 360-0486 x234
Contact:  Joanne Anderson

The integrated practice FASD assessment/diagnosis team includes Traditional Healers, Elders and Medicine People, Child Psychologist, Infant developmental Psychologist, Physicians, FASD Coordinator, RN, and RN EC. The process is family focused. Team and family and supports are an integral part of the process of assessment and development of early interventions and resources. Assessments and evaluations include psychometric diagnosis and screening, Traditional & Cultural assessment and meaning, integrated practice report, and family/ support and team conferencing to review findings, develop a cultural and mainstream resource and support network.

Mothercraft (Breaking the Cycle) FASD Diagnostic Clinic
761 Queen St. West, Ste. 107, Toronto ON, M6J 1G1
Tel: 416-364-7373 / Fax: 416-364-8008
Website: www.mothercraft.ca

The FASD Diagnostic Clinic is a component of the BTC, and includes pre- and post- assessment services. At this time, access to the FASD Diagnostic Clinic is limited to children and mothers who are clients of the BTC program. BTC serves pregnant and/or parenting women with substance use problems, and their young children (birth - 6 years). All BTC children for whom prenatal alcohol exposure is confirmed are referred to the FASD Diagnostic Clinic for assessment and follow-up. Full physical and neuro-developmental follow-up occurs on an annual basis (or more frequently depending on clinic team recommendations). Breaking the Cycle is a program of Mothercraft, delivered through a formal service partnership with the Jean Tweed Centre, Toronto Public Health, the Hospital for Sick Children-Motherisk, St. Joseph's Health Centre, the Children's Aid Society of Toronto, the Catholic Children's Aid Society, St. Michael's Hospital and the Ministry of Community Safety and Corrections. Breaking the Cycle (BTC) is an early intervention program designed to reduce the risk and enhance the development of substance-exposed children by addressing maternal substance use issues and the mother-child relationship. Since 1995, BTC has delivered a comprehensive, cross-sectoral, maternal-child program to deliver a range of integrated services through a single-access model, with home visitation and pregnancy outreach components. The diagnostic team includes: Program Coordinator, Physician/Pediatrician-Toxicologist, Clinical Developmental Psychologist, Psychological Associate, Case Manager/Addiction Counsellor, Early Childhood Interventionists.

St. Michael's Hospital Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Diagnostic Clinic
61 Queen Street, 2nd Floor, Pediatric Clinic, Toronto, ON, M5C 2T2
Tel: 416-867-3655 / Fax: 416-867-3736
Email: stadeb@smh.ca

St. Michael’s Hospital’s Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Clinic is a well established clinic and has been running since 2002.  Clinic staff  were educated at the The Hospital for Sick Children, Motherisk Program, and/or Winnipeg’s Children’s Hospital. We hold 7 clinics a month: 4 - developmental testing, and pre-assessments, and 3 – full diagnostic clinics.
We provide care to infants, children, and adults from across Ontario. The clinic team has a program of research and education. We are also proud of a strong parental presence guiding our plans of care, and we are pleased to provide outreach services. The diagnostic team has the following resource people to draw on: Program Director, Physician/Pediatrics and Family Practice, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Developmental Tester; Community Care Access for referral to OT, Mental Health and Other, Consultation on referral in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Admin. Support.

Surrey Place Centre FASD Adult Diagnostic Clinic
2 Surrey Place Toronto, ON M5S 2C2
Tel:  Adult Intake  (416) 925-5141 / Fax: (416) 923-8476
Contact:  Valerie Temple
Website:  www.surreyplace.on.ca

The Surrey Place Centre FASD diagnostic clinic provides services to individuals 18 years of age or older who have or are suspected of having an intellectual disability. The team offers diagnostic, educational, and advocacy services. If an individual is found to have an intellectual disability or dual diagnosis, treatment services such as counselling, behaviour therapy, and case management may also be offered. Our multi-disciplinary diagnostic team consists of: Clinic Coordinator, Nurse Specialist/Physician, Speech Language Pathologist, Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Therapist.  Our catchment area is the city of Toronto.

Surrey Place Centre Children and Youth FASD Diagnostic Team
2 Surrey Place Toronto, ON M5S 2C2 
Tel:  Children and Youth  Intake  (416) 925-5141 / Fax: (416) 923-8476
Contact:  Nozomi Minowa
Website:  www.surreyplace.on.ca
The Surrey Place Centre Children and Youth FASD Diagnostic Team provides services to individuals between the ages of 6 – 18 years who have or are suspected of having an intellectual disability. The team offers interdisciplinary diagnostic assessment and time-limited consultation and intervention services. If an individual is found to have an intellectual disability or dual diagnosis, treatment services such as counselling, behaviour therapy, and case management may also be offered. Our interdisciplinary diagnostic team consists of Paediatrician, Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, Audiologist, Clinical Psychologist, Behaviour Therapist and Service Coordinator.  Our catchment area is the city of Toronto.
The Hospital for Sick Children, Motherisk Program

555 University Avenue, Toronto, ON, M5G 1X8
Tel: 416-813-7500 / Fax: 416-813-7562
Motherisk Alcohol & Substance Use in Pregnancy Helpline: 1-877-FAS-INFO (1-877-327-4636)
Email: momrisk@sickkids.ca

Motherisk provides information and guidance to pregnant women or lactating women and their health care providers regarding fetal risks associated with drug, chemical, infection, disease or radiation exposure(s) during pregnancy. The FASD diagnostic services commenced in 1994 to address increased requests for services from Motherisk. Families receive follow-up service after assessment is completed. Research and teaching resources are also available regarding FASD and diagnosis. There is a weekly team meeting at Hospital for Sick Children for case conferencing. The FASD diagnostic team also provides outreach services and once monthly, the larger team from other sites joins in case conferencing. Motherisk is the longest running FASD diagnostic clinic in Ontario. The diagnostic team has the following resource people to draw on: Program Director, Physician/Pediatrics-Toxicology, Neurologist, Psychologists, Speech Pathologist, Admin. Support, Psychometrists, Geneticist.

Thunder Bay

NorWest Community Health Centres
525 Simpson Street, Thunder Bay, ON, P7C 3J6
Maureen Parkes - FASD Coordinator
Tel: (807) 626-8485
Email: mparkes@norwestchc.org / Website: www.norwestchc.org

Referrals can be made from any source including individuals who suspect that they may be affected, caregivers, community organizations, legal and medical teams. Our clinic offers full pre-assessment and diagnostic services for all ages. Assessments and evaluations include screening, diagnosis, integrated practice, caregiver supports and support for clients with FASD. Also, NorWest will provide assistance with application to the Ontario Disability Support Program and referral to other community agencies as necessary. The diagnostic team includes:

  • FASD Program Coordinator
  • Physician
  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Psychologist (on a referral basis)
  • Consultations occur as needed with Speech Language Pathologists, Audiologist, and Occupational Therapists

Our service area matches the North West LHIN (from east of White River to the Manitoba border in the west and from Hudson Bay in the north to the United States border in the south).  If travel is necessary assistance is provided with arranging travel/accommodations.


Waterloo Region FASD Diagnostic Clinic
Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario
Contact: Emily Gray, Co-chair, Waterloo Region FASD Diagnostic Steering Committee
T: 519-749-8740 ext 272

We offer FASD Diagnostic Services for children up to 17 years of age living in the Waterloo region. Our team consists of a Paediatrician, Paediatric Neuropsychologist, Occupational Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, and Clinic Coordinator. We provide full assessments, recommendations, and assistance with referral to appropriate community programs. Referrals are accepted from our partners agencies only including Lutherwood, kidsLINK, KidsAbility, Grand River Hospital, Family and Children's Services of Waterloo Region, Waterloo Region District School Board, Waterloo Catholic District School Board, Developmental Services Resource Centre, and Youth Justice Services (Probation). Unfortunately referrals cannot be accepted from the general public at this time.